We are always eager to welcome new faces into the Playhouse family, so if you are a team player who has always wanted to help make a little theater magic, this is the place for you!

We have numerous committees that our volunteers serve on, so there is bound to be one or more that might benefit from your time and energy.

We need volunteers in these areas:

Lighting and sound
Box office
Set construction


The sound and lighting departments are two very important parts of every production. Without them, the audience wouldn’t see or hear the performers and shows would lack the amazing sound and visual effects that this team brings to the stage. 

If you’ve got a calm temperament, can think on your feet and have a technical mind, you may feel right at home in the booth. Knowledge of computers, willingness to be trained by tech pros and follow directions, and good motor skills would make you a perfect fit for the sound and lighting team!


Our construction team doesn’t just build sets – they construct magic. You must be able to follow the directions of our technical directors and observe safety precautions while utilizing a variety of power tools. If you have artistic or mechanical skills, they’ll be put to good use!

You’ll help with measuring, sawing, stapling, drilling, scaffold and ladder climbing, flat lifting, wallpapering, painting or carpentry shop clean up.


Ushers must be available to come in one hour before curtain time, meet and greet arriving audience members, show them to their seats, hand out playbills and be a smiling presence to make the audience’s experience an enjoyable one. Ushers must be available for one to two performances per show.


Do you want to help make our productions the best they can be? Contact Us!


Ever wonder where the unique items you see on stage come from? Our props department makes it happen. The props team is charged with finding all the wonderful items that characters use throughout the course of the show.

Some are found in prop rooms, others are picked up from scavenging thrift stores and some are fabricated to suit the director’s needs. If you’re good at finding cool stuff, turning pieces of old clothing into something new, polishing silver or brass, or dusting shelves full of one-of-a-kind collectibles, then the props department may be a good fit!


Our box office personnel must be good people-persons, as they deal with the general public. They answer questions about the season and sell tickets to the show. Friendly phone skills and a knowledge of computers are vital.


Another creative area of theater involves the designing and building of the costumes needed to clothe the performers. Research into the time periods of our shows can be an enlightening introduction to the fashions of bygone eras.

A knowledge of fabrics is useful, but being able to put a thread to needle to create a piece of clothing is truly an art form. Being able to take in or let out a garment is valuable, as costumes sometimes need to be altered to fit actors. Additionally, those who are skilled at ironing, repair and cleaning of costumes are highly sought after.

Members of the costume department also pursue thrift shops around town, looking for costume pieces and accessories that might fit our productions.