Rent the fox

The North Platte Community Playhouse offers a 851-seat theatre. This is a wonderful rental venue for the public. We’ve held weddings, small and large presentations, recitals, pageants, concerts, senior portraits and other events.

Patty Birge Room

The Patty Birge Room is located within our building. There is access from within the theatre itself and also street-side access through the doors on 5th street just east of our main entrance and office doors. If you have auditioned for a play, sang with the Frontier Review or picked up your child from a recital held at the North Platte Community Playhouse, then you are familiar with this room.

Room Capacity

The Patty Birge Room is named after Kathryn Patricia “Patty” (Williamson) Birge. Patty led remodelling the old North Platte Fox Theatre and served as president of the Playhouse for most of 30 years. The Patty Birge Room stands in her honor.

The Patty Birge Room has held birthday parties, baby showers, business meetings and presentations, graduation parties, holiday parties and service club meetings.


Tables & Chairs

Serving Station

Wall-Length Counter

Numerous Electrical Outlets

Direct Access To Restrooms

Props and Costumes

The North Platte Community Playhouse provides costume and prop rentals for schools, churches, and individuals for different events. The theatre boasts more costumes and props then we technically have room for.

 To scratch the surface of our wonderful and diverse collection, we have period clothing and undergarments, full service uniforms including dress blues, gowns and suits, shoes, period and modern hats, period purses and luggage.