About us

The North Platte Community Playhouse ignites the imagination of artists and audiences of all ages through the performing arts at the historic Fox Theater, which anchors the arts districts, acts as a community gathering space, and provides economic impact through tourism.

Staff Members

Rajean Shepherd

Administrative Assistant

Bryan Solko

House Manager

Sam Fornander

Cinema Supervisor

Justin Jorgensen

Cinema Supervisor

Angie Blagdon



Stuart Shepherd


Randy Richards

Vice President

Leland Poppe


Sue McKain

Recording Secretary

Marta Holscher Nelson

Kortnei Smith

Andrew Lee

Keri Fisher

Jennifer Winder

Alan Perlinger

Rajean Shepherd

Kim Steger

Staysha Adams

Diane Fich-Oerter

Starla Arensdorf

Megan Huddle

Randy Lloyd

Tyler Cronin

Bea Webster

Rich Galvan